500 Days of Summer

Hello blog readers! It’s spring! Well that’s what the calendar says, anyway. The weather… Not so much! What will you guys be doing this spring break? Going away? Spending time with friends? Well I know I’ll be watching tons of movies this spring break! One of my absolute favorite movies, 500 Days of Summer won’t… Continue reading 500 Days of Summer

Let Me Love You Ne-Yo…

Hello lovely blog readers! Welcome to the New Year- full of New things to learn about healthy and unhealthy relationships! I was working out the other day and Ne-Yo’s “Let Me Love You” catchy beat came on 107.5. Obviously, it was a top 10 hit on Itunes for a hefty time there. Now, I’m sure… Continue reading Let Me Love You Ne-Yo…

Silence Is… Golden?

Almost everywhere you go you can hear the humming of your favorite new song. That beat is just so catchy, you know every word. But what do these songs really mean? Songs from Itunes top tens list may be silently sending you a message. I just recently came across an article online, (Yes I’m a… Continue reading Silence Is… Golden?

To Whom It May Concern:

Every February, we encourage at least one of our Peer Educators to write a Letter to the Editor of the Longmont Times Call Newspaper. Our Peer Ed, Tessa, wrote an amazing letter – a call to action to parents. Here’s just a peak: “So, what can you do to protect your children? Talk to them.… Continue reading To Whom It May Concern: