DA – Cycle of Abuse

Cycle of Abuse

Honeymoon Stage – Oftentimes the stage that we feel at the very beginning of a relationship. This is the feeling of high levels of romance, being on the same page, enjoying each other's company, and "everything is going great."

Tension-Building Stage – In healthy relationships, pet peeves may build tension. These are things that bother you, but you can work through in your relationship. In the Cycle of Abuse, these are the red flags that are listed on our Warning Signs Page (Click Here).

Blow-Up/Abuse Stage – When the tension builds so much that the abuser engages is some of the more violent physically and sexually abusive behaviors. This stage can take the form of:

  • Strong emotionally abusive language
  • Yelling at you like they never have before
  • Intense threats (physical or sexual)
  • Physically or sexually abusive acts

Honeymoon/Make-Up Stage – After the Blow-Up/Abuse Stage, the abuser will engage in promises and attempts to make it up to you. This is an important part of the cycle, because these promises can lead the victim into believing that the abuser has changed. Because of this, we have returned to the honeymoon stage.