DA – Emotional Abuse

Emotional Abuse


  1. Saying or doing something to another that creates fear, lowers self esteem/worth.
  2. Controls the person's feelings, thoughts and behaviors.


  • Name calling, put downs and insults
  • Threats to get the person to do what the abuser wants (physical harm, exposing personal information, to harm themselves or the victim's loved ones)
  • Controlling who the other person is friends with, talks to and spends time with
  • Stalking (in person, via the phone or online)
  • Minimizing, blaming, and making the victim feel responsible for the abuse
  • Mind games, making the other person feel "crazy"
  • Controlling behavior (how they dress, how they spend their free time)
  • Keeping constant tabs on their partner (excessive calls or texts)
  • Spitting on

Power and control

Emotional abuse is a tactic to break down the "strength" of a person's mind and emotions, and possibly to gain power and control over you through fear. When your partner makes you feel like you are in an emotional or mental trap, that could be a strong sign of emotional abuse. If a victim does not believe that they "are good enough for their partner," this could lead to the victim's self-esteem being lowered, and could become a constant struggle to be a better partner, just to make their partner happier.