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How to Help A Friend

How to help a friend who you think may be in an abusive relationship:

  • Safety - At any time your friend says they don't feel safe, call Safe Shelter or 911. [Safe Shelter 24/7 Crisis Line: (303) 772-4422]

  • Understand - Be there for your friend. Listen. Ask questions. Don't lecture. Find out how they feel after an incident occurs.
  • Educate - Use what you learned during the TERA presentation to help your friend recognize signs of abuse. Give them the Power and Control Wheel as a resource.
  • Support - Be there to help your friend through the process. Call Safe Shelter or TERA if you need additional help. You can also call us together, so your friend knows you're there supporting them.

Safe Shelter 24/7 Crisis Line: (303) 772-4422
TERA Textline: (720) 340-8372

How to help a friend who think may be an abuser:

  • Intervene - When someone is talking about abusive behaviors, respectfully call them out. Avoid laughing at jokes that are about rape, assault, or abusive behaviors.
  • Educate - Stand up for all those who are impacted by abuse, by telling your friend that their comment or joke was not funny or acceptable. Tell them exactly what is abusive about their behavior. Ask questions to see why they acted that way. Offer alternatives to their behavior so they can act in a more mature manner.
  • One of Two Roads - Once you talk to your friend, one of two things may happen:
    • Support - You can always hold each other accountable when it comes to standing up against abuse. Remind Each other that jokes about rape, assault, and abuse aren't funny, and engage in healthy relationships.
    • Separate - If your friend does not take you seriously, maybe it's time to separate the friendship. We choose who our friends are, and TERA encourages you to be around supportive and healthy individuals.

"How To Help A Friend" Handout

Click below to download the "How To Help A Friend" Handout that has all of this information you see above.

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