Silence Is… Golden?

Almost everywhere you go you can hear the humming of your favorite new song. That beat is just so catchy, you know every word. But what do these songs really mean? Songs from Itunes top tens list may be silently sending you a message. I just recently came across an article online, (Yes I'm a teen, and no I don't spend all my "internet time" on Facebook) and it made a few interesting points. First, it reiterates how big of an issue teen relationship abuse is in society today. Then, it proceeds to blame explicit music for the rapid incline of teen crime and abuse. Yes we can blame famous rappers for singing about strip clubs and too much partying, but those are the obvious culprits. What about new forms of alternative and rock music? This is the kind of music I find myself listening to on a daily basis, and the kind of music that can be quite concerning. Next time you find yourself listening to Carly Rae Jepsen or Florence and The Machine, take the time to really listen to what they're songs are telling you. So remember that rappers and obvious inappropriate references made in music aren't the only perpetrators. What's really getting to us, is what we don't necessarily hear.

What do you think? What song has a message in it that surprised you?